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    Review of my Rèphr Brushes

    Welcome to my blog. Today I am going to share with you a review of my Rephr brushes. Rephr is a brand that has recently entered the makeup world. I got to know it mainly from the fabulous Michele Wang and Hung Vanngo‘s amazing tutorials. Their core value as a company is that they use customer input in order to offer high-quality products, so feedback is super important to them. They launched their first makeup brushes in 2019 via crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. The Rephr brushes have a nice minimal design, they are made in Kumano, Japan and are at a good price point. Even though they are not the softest…

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    The SUQQU Cheek Brush

    In the beauty world, there is a legend that says there is a blush brush so soft, that it is like a kitten’s tail caressing your face, and you will not want to use any other blush brush again. Is the legend true? I’ll tell you in a minute… Welcome to the review of the Suqqu Cheek Brush. The Shape The SUQQU Cheek Brush is a small blush brush. It is a bit smaller than Chikuhodo’s Z4, but on the same ‘order of magnitude’. It has an oval top view, as the ferrule is a little pinched. Below you can see how it looks in front and sideways. The Make…

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    How to clean your brushes so they hold their shape

    I certainly do love good quality brushes. I love applying makeup and good brushes take the experience to a whole new level. As a result, I have invested in my brushes and I do not regret it. The reason I invest in them is that I want to them to serve me as long as possible. Because of that, I take good care of them, and I developed a cleaning routine that helps them hold their shape without any brush guards. ( I am not against using them, I am just happy with my routine and I feel I do not need them). I do not do anything exaggerated or…

  • Rae Morris Brushes Unboxed
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    Rae Morris Brushes First Impressions

    I love Japanese craftsmanship and having heard a lot about Rae Morris brushes, I decided to give them a go when Cult Beauty made them available in Europe.I went ahead and ordered five of them  (thank goodness Cult Beauty had a promo code available at the time and that made the purchase easier. I am not going to lie, they are bloody expensive!). So, there you go, my Rae Morris brushes first impressions!   Some history Rae Morris is a renowned makeup artist and she has brought out makeup brushes made in Japan since approximately 2012. Ever since there have been three versions of the brushes. Currently we are on…

  • Wayne Goss Holiday 2017 Brush
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    The Wayne Goss Holiday 2017 Brush

    I absolutely love makeup brushes, even more when they are made by Japanese artisans. When I score such a brush that does not cost a fortune, I am such a happy chappy! Wayne Goss brushes are made in Japan, and they are much more affordable than other Japanese brands! Compared to MAC brushes, they are in the same price range, but their quality is vastly superior. Today, I am going to show you the Wayne Goss Holiday 2017 Brush. It is a limited edition brush and we don’t know if it’s going to stay or not. This brush is a Kebo type brush. Kebo brushes are used in the Japanese…