Wayne Goss Holiday 2017 Brush
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The Wayne Goss Holiday 2017 Brush

I absolutely love makeup brushes, even more when they are made by Japanese artisans. When I score such a brush that does not cost a fortune, I am such a happy chappy! Wayne Goss brushes are made in Japan, and they are much more affordable than other Japanese brands! Compared to MAC brushes, they are in the same price range, but their quality is vastly superior. Today, I am going to show you the Wayne Goss Holiday 2017 Brush. It is a limited edition brush and we don’t know if it’s going to stay or not.

This brush is a Kebo type brush. Kebo brushes are used in the Japanese art of Maki-e. The only other brand that I know who makes Kebo brushes for makeup is Hakuhodo. Hakuhodo has a wider variety of Kebo brushes, but it is so difficult to get your hands on, if you live in Europe.

Wayne Goss 2017 Brush hair



I love the Wayne Goss 2017 brush because it is so soft, and the bristles offer quite a sheer application. You can use it for highlighting, for blushes, powders or even for bronzers. Very often I want to apply just the smallest amount of powder. I want just a mesh of powder on my face, a light dusting – and this brush is perfect for that! Its main use is supposed to be highlighting, and indeed you can’t overdo it with this brush, even if you apply Mary-Lou Manizer. Also, if you have very strongly pigmented blushes that make you feel like a clown when you apply them normally, try this brush. Bottom line: great for sheer application of colour and powders to the face, when you want to totally control the intensity and colour.

Wayne Goss Holiday 2017 Brush



What can I say? It definitely is the softest brush I own. It has blue-squirrel hairs that are long, so the surface of the brush is rather loosely packed. That’s why you get the sheer application. I have washed it with my hair shampoo and afterwards it retained its shape and it was still looking brand new.

Wayne Goss 2017 Brush - bristles

Wayne Goss Holiday 2017 Brush vs Air-Brush

To give you a better understanding, the Wayne Goss Holiday 2017 has the same type of hairs as the Wayne Goss Air-Brush, but a totally different shape and a different feeling. The Holiday 2017 brush is less dense and softer that the Air-Brush. I would say that the Air-Brush can be more multi-purpose, because it provides a more precise application. That being said, I love them both and I am glad I got both!

Wayne Gosse 2017 brush vs AirBrush


Have you tried any Wayne Goss brushes? What are your favourite makeup brushes?


xo, Helen

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