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    The Golden Earrings Edition

    Hello and welcome back to Blossomful! Today’s post is dedicated to the golden jewellery trend and more specifically the golden earrings which are currently in fashion. I would say that today’s trend in jewellery is characterised by bold, bohemian style, with rock style pieces but in gold and more delicate. My favourite kinds of jewellery are earrings and rings, because they are so easy to wear and they can change the style of an outfit. Today I am going to share with you my favourite golden earrings and are so trendy right now! Estee Lalonde – Daisy London Golden Shield Earrings I love Estée’s jewellery line with Daisy London! I…

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    Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring Part 2 – Review

    Hello everyone! Be prepared for an image galore in this post, because the Lisa Eldridge Grace ring review is here! Of course, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of my ring, not only due to the fact that I wanted this post to be as complete as possible, but also because I love my ring so much! I just wanted to capture every different lighting condition, I simply cannot get enough of it! If you need more information regarding the packaging and the reasons why I chose to buy this ring, or simply want to see more pictures, here is my first post on the Lisa Eldridge Grace ring. Various lighting…

  • Lisa Eldridge Ring Packaging Inspiration
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    Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring Part 1 – Why I bought it & Unboxing

    Welcome! If you are thinking about investing in a piece of jewelry by Lisa Eldridge, you have come to the right place! I had been thinking for a long time to purchase a ring from her collection. The reason why Ι hesitated is the price tag, which is an important fraction of my salary (and some of her rings exceed my salary – hint: by saying exceed I mean oh, by far!). Despite the price tag, Lisa Eldridge rings have had great success as they were sold out very quickly after the launch. Even when a model comes back in stock it is a matter of hours for it to sell…

  • Made By Mary Initials Bar Necklace
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    My Made By Mary Necklaces Review

    Hello there! I am sure that if you live in Salt Lake City or follow fashion bloggers from Utah, you will have heard of Made By Mary. MBM is a small business that makes handmade jewellery and it is located in Draper, Utah. The majority of jewellery they make is necklaces, but they also make bracelets and rings. Their style is minimal jewellery, that you can layer apart from wearing them alone. They offer many customisation options. You can personalise most of their pieces by engraving important dates, names, coordinates, symbols and initials that are meaningful to you. I could not resist their beautiful pieces, so I ordered some and…

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    My Creations : Orange flowers necklace

    I love making jewellery and one of my favourite and easiest ways is to use modelling clay. Today I present you my handmade necklace that I made quite a while ago. I like using polymer clay because you can literally give it any shape, mix colours and give different textures to your pieces. My theme is usually nature, and this necklace is my handmade orange flowers necklace. As much as I love metals, gems and precious stones, I do not “discriminate” against materials cheaper for jewellery. You see, every piece has a different style, it is a different piece of art and you can wear each in different occasions or…

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    My favourite colourful earrings for summer

    If you know me, you’ll know I have a soft spot for earrings. I appreciate almost all types of earrings and my collection has grown quite a lot, considering that I have been purchasing earrings since I got my ears pierced at the age of 12! Today I am going to show you my two favourite colourful earrings for summer! Not that you can’t rock them any other season, it’s just that I find them playful but also chic. I don’t think they’ll go out of fashion anytime soon. Silkworm Cocoon Earrings Oh yes! You read it right. These earrings are made of silkworm cocoons, that have been cut and…

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    The Index Finger Ring Edit

    I love me some beautiful rings! I don’t know if the index finger ring is a trend or not, but for me it is something that has come to stay. I find index finger rings so chic and modern. There are many ways to wear them; you can either go for delicate styles like the ones I show you, or go for more statement pieces, like the lovely rings by Lisa Eldridge. I personally prefer more delicate styles, like these from Prigipo and Accessorize. I love Prigipo jewellery, because they are handmade, minimal and original, but more on that on another post. How to wear index finger rings? Standalone You…