Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring - Afternoon Light 3

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring Part 2 – Review

Hello everyone! Be prepared for an image galore in this post, because the Lisa Eldridge Grace ring review is here! Of course, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of my ring, not only due to the fact that I wanted this post to be as complete as possible, but also because I love my ring so much! I just wanted to capture every different lighting condition, I simply cannot get enough of it! If you need more information regarding the packaging and the reasons why I chose to buy this ring, or simply want to see more pictures, here is my first post on the Lisa Eldridge Grace ring.

Various lighting conditions

I took some pictures during different times of a day. With gems, where reflections are key, the colour of the ring really depends on the lighting conditions and the angle of the camera lens. I hope that these pictures will give you a good understanding of the true colour and shape of the ring. In addition, bear in mind that my fingers are on the big side of female fingers, as they are quite long. So, maybe the ring on your finger will look bigger than it does on me. The measurements of the oval stones are about 8mm x 10mm, as written on Lisa’s website.

Morning light:

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring Morning Light 2

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring Morning Light 3

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring Morning Light 4

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring Morning Light 5

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring Morning Light 6

Afternoon light:

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring - Afternoon Light 1

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring - Afternoon Light 2

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring Review - Afternoon Light 3

Evening light:

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring Review - Evening Light 1

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring - Evening Light 2

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring - Evening Light 3

Night – Lamplight:

Lisa Eldridge Grace ring lamp light


As you can see, the ring mainly brings out an icy blue colour, which I find quite similar to aquamarine stones. However, on warmer light, it can look more like the Anna May ring. I guess that the colour of the stone will also vary depending on your skin-colour, as not only the contrast of the ring on the skin will look different, but also the ring has an open back, and the light coming through the stone will have another hue.


The Cut

The cut of Lisa’s rings is the old one. As Lisa has said in her launch video, it feels more organic and natural to cut the gems in the old way. I couldn’t agree more, because there is a lot of light reflexion already, and I enjoy looking at the colour so much. Here are some pictures where the cut is shown better.

Lisa Eldridge oval ring top facet

Lisa Eldridge Ring Vertical

I just adore the cut, and I adore it so much, that I even drew it! This sketch is done mainly free hand, by yours truly. Note, this is the top side of the ring. I sketched that based on what I saw, and the lines are not geometrically precise.

Lisa Eldridge Rings Cut

Hello, ray of light! I love the reflections of light! I am glad I captured this photo for you to see.

Lisa Eldridge Ring Light Reflection

Overall Opinion

I truly believe it is a very high-quality ring. Certainly, I am aware of the fact that at the price point of the ring collection one can find stones that are considered more precious. But for me, it is not only what people consider as precious. I love the fact that it is a business based on personal relations, that the stones are sourced in a non-industrialised way, and that the cut is done the old way. Basically, one could find a small emerald ring at this price point, but what would the quality of the emerald be? What would the process of sourcing it and manufacturing be? I prefer giving my money to products that are high quality, that I enjoy and I am pleased with the production process.

Lisa Eldridge Grace Ring - Sideways

Is it worth it?

For me, yes, absolutely! I can get so much wear out of this ring! I have worn it both on formal occasions, such as weddings and on others such as dinner nights with friends. It is also appropriate for work, but I personally prefer not to wear it every day, for the time being. It matches so many clothes of mine, such as blue dresses, blue-green tops, even jeans. Not to mention pastel colours or even black.

Lisa Eldridge Ring - Blossomful

I love the fact that is so simple, it is just one stone and a metal crown around it. Still, it is so elegant and beautiful! I love clean simple designs. In my opinion, cleanness and simplicity do take a lot of effort. The reason why is that you need time to think of the bare essentials it takes for the product to be elegant. And then you take time to think of all of the details that you can perfect. This is what high quality means, and it is what makes crafts timeless. I think I will enjoy the ring for time and time again. I already do!


with love,


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