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My Made By Mary Necklaces Review

Hello there! I am sure that if you live in Salt Lake City or follow fashion bloggers from Utah, you will have heard of Made By Mary. MBM is a small business that makes handmade jewellery and it is located in Draper, Utah. The majority of jewellery they make is necklaces, but they also make bracelets and rings. Their style is minimal jewellery, that you can layer apart from wearing them alone. They offer many customisation options. You can personalise most of their pieces by engraving important dates, names, coordinates, symbols and initials that are meaningful to you. I could not resist their beautiful pieces, so I ordered some and I am in love! So, here it is my Made by Mary necklaces review! Note: I am not sponsored by any means, I just genuinely love Mary’s jewellery!


What I got

I bought five necklaces: one chocker, two disc necklaces and two bar necklaces, all of them in gold. They came beautifully packaged in boxes with her logo. To be more precise, I bought the following:

Made By Mary Necklaces

^ This picture is from the day I unboxed my order

Made By Mary Love Bar Necklace

^ This is the Love Bar Necklace


Their bestsellers

Some pieces that I have seen being worn in a lot of blogs are the Poppy Chocker Necklace, the Zola Disc Necklace, the Hammered Crescent Necklace, Name Bar Necklace, Mama & Co Necklace.  They have recently released a new style of choker necklace, the Statellite Choker, and a new collection of disc necklaces, which are the Wave, Sunny, Wild Blooms, and Rainbow necklaces, which are so dainty and pretty!

Made By Mary Lace Chocker and Mini Zola

^ Top to bottom: Lace Chocker Necklace // Mini Zola Necklace


My opinion

Very high quality and great value for money. The necklaces are so well made, and the vast majority of them are available in gold, rose gold and silver and these options mean filled,  there is no plating. I think they are absolutely great value for money, since you usually find necklaces for similar prices that are brass but gold plated and the plating usually chips off or goes dark. Also, the default clasps that I got work perfectly, and the chains feel sturdy enough.

Great Style. The necklaces are minimal, dainty and you can wear them as standalone or layer them. Almost all the styles have necklaces that look great when paired together. In case you want to layer them, which creates a really cool look, just make sure when making the purchase to choose different necklace lengths, or add chain extender (in my neck, the necklaces look better when their difference in lengths is about 2 inches). You can get many ideas on how to layer them from the photos on their site as well as their fabulous Instagram account.

So wearable! One of the main reasons I bought them is because they are great as every day pieces. Of course you can wear them on more special occasions, and pair them with more expensive pieces. However, I like to spend money on items that I will make the most use out of. Sure, a blue topaz ring is stunning, but I can’t wear it to the office. These necklaces are affordable and you can wear them anytime, they amp up a simple outfit while remaining chic.

Personalisation options. In so many bar and disc necklaces you can engrave names, symbols, dates, coordinates of a place, symbols, meaningful words etc. These words or symbols make you feel good about these memories of yours, people who you dearly love, or situations you’ve been through and made it to the other side. It is all about the meaning these engravings have. It is nice because they are subtle, but still they are not “obvious” to anyone that sees you wearing the pieces. People see your jewellery, they might notice, but only you know the meaning behind them. Apart from the engraving options, there options for necklaces lengths, clasps, metals, or add ons that let you buy something that suits you personally.

Made By Mary necklaces Layered

^ Top to bottom: Lace Chocker Necklace // Hammered Crescent Bar Necklace // Name Disc Necklace – 3/4″


Have you bought any MBM pieces? What did you like best?

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xo, Helen

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