Lisa Eldridge New Velvet Lipsticks – November 2019

Hello there! There is something special for you today on my blog! Pictures of all the new True Velvet lipsticks by Lisa Eldridge! This is the third time she launches new lipsticks, after the red collection and the pink collection. I could not help buying them all. And I did not regret it!

EDIT NOTE: You can find more about the new 2020 Lisa Eldridge collection here!

Lisa Eldridge New Velvet Lipsticks November 2019

Now, let me explain my thoughts when I saw the shades for the first time. Firstly, I don’t like nude lipsticks on me, especially for going out. It makes me look like I have lost my lips, and I really like my lips, I want them there, where they are! Secondly, I am not a very big fan of very dark colours. So, even though I anticipated the new launch, I was scared at the same time. Thankfully, I trusted my gut feeling that told me I should by them all, and I was not wrong! In fact, the lipsticks I was worried about the most, are the easiest to wear; the nudes are perfect for everyday, and the darks are extremely versatile! In the pictures below I wore only lipsticks without any lipliner or another colour underneath. Let me show you…

Velvet Fawn

Velvet Fawn Lipstick Bullet
Velvet Fawn Lisa Eldridge

Velvet Fawn is a perfect nude lipstick, it is sweet and discreet. I always think of Bambi when I look at it! It has a dusty pink undertone. Even though I don’t own the product I am going to mention, it reminds me of Dusk blush by Glossier, they seem to be matching colours, at least in the pictures. I really like Velvet Fawn on my pale, winter skin. It’s perfect for daywear and for work. I saw on Instagram people applying it as a blush as well, and I think it is a perfect idea, especially if you are in a hurry or if you are doing your makeup in a taxi and you want as few products as possible with you.

Velvet Fawn on lips

Velvet Muse

Velvet Muse Lipstick Bullet

Velvet Muse has the closest colour to my natural lip colour. I’d say that they are the same, but my lips have more of a blue undertone, whereas Velvet Muse has more terracotta undertones. Velvet Muse is a perfect colour for natural looking lips and perfect for the office. It is more defining to the lips compared to Velvet Fawn, still discreet and beautiful, and I imagine this could be a nude lipstick for skin tones darker than mine.

Velvet Muse Lisa Eldridge
Velvet Muse on lips

Velvet Beauty

Velvet Beauty Lipstick Bullet

Velvet Beauty is the most perfect pink to me! It’s elegant, sweet, feminine, it makes its presence known, but not loud. Well, since I compared Velvet Fawn to Bambi, this one would be Sleeping Beauty, or Princess Aurora, if it were a Disney character. It’s got a certain luminosity in it, and I seriously consider wearing it on my wedding day!

Velvet Beauty Lisa Eldridge
Velvet Beauty on lips

Velvet Myth

Velvet Myth Lipstick Bullet

Velvet Myth is one of my favourites of this launch. It is luminous, in certain lights it looks more red, in others it looks more raspberry. The luminosity is very nice because even though I have applied only one colour, as the light hits my lips, the centre part looks lighter, so you get a natural gradient colour on your lips, and I think that it is most obvious with this lipstick compared to the rest of the line. I think Velvet Myth is a very seductive colour. It is more discreet than a true red like Velvet Ribbon, but it makes an impression of a bold lip colour.

Velvet Myth Lisa Eldridge
Velvet Myth on lips

Velvet Decade

Velvet Decade Lipstick Bullet

Velvet Decade is a very nostalgic colour to me! I remember my sister had a Liposan balm which had a similar colour, and I think it was marketed as a Cocoa shade. Now my right-side brain told me it it was a very provoking colour and that made me hesitant. However, deeply I knew I wanted it, at least to give it a try, and I can actually say that it is the one that might get the most use, because of its versatility! When you wear it as a stain, padded on the lips, it looks so natural, like Velvet Muse. Also, I think that when lipsticks are worn stained, they are more long lasting.


Velvet Decade Stained Lisa Eldridge

Full on:

Velvet Decade Lisa Eldridge

I have to say I really enjoy wearing it full on as well! I find that the undertones of Velvet Decade are rather playful. There is some red peeking through, some orange. I would say it is a maroon-burgundy colour. The fact that I am a brunette and its maroon side matches my hair, makes Burgundy pop, especially around the edges which I wore more diffused rather than precise.

Velvet Decade Full on Lips

Velvet Midnight

Velvet Midnight Lipstick Bullet

Now, unto the scariest lipstick of them all! Velvet Midnight! Do not worry my friends, you can stain your lips with it for a berry look, you can make it look more mauve by adding in gradually and blending with your finger or a brush, or go full on vamp. All ways are special and each has their own beauty. In addition, you can wear this lipstick at work and then add on more for going out at night. Moreover…There are more creative uses for it! See the next section!

Stained – Berry colour

Velvet Midnight Lisa Eldridge Stained 1

More stained and blended with a fluffy brush –
Mauve/Aubergine colour

Velvet Midnight Lisa Eldridge Stained 2

Full-on vamp:

Velvet Midnight Lisa Eldridge

Creative uses

On Instagram, you might have seen wearing the true velvet lipsticks have many creative uses, as a stain or as a blush, apart from the traditional full-on lipstick application, as well as mixing colours, wearing ombre lips or sculpted lips. I am here to add two more ways to the party!

Velvet Midnight Lisa Eldridge on Eyes

I heard that a burgundy liner is a trend now. Well, then, why not take an eyeliner brush and wear Velvet Midnight as an eyeliner? Or eyeshadow? As you can see, you need the slightest amount to make an impact because this colour is so pigmented, therefore you don’t need a lot of product, which perhaps due to its creaminess would otherwise be uncomfortable to the eyes. You can also wear it as a diffused eyeshadow, but for this I prefer Velvet Decade!

Velvet Midnight as an eyeliner

Take a fluffy brush, and Velvet Decade and wear it as an eyeshadow! It gives a nice subtle wine colour on the eyes. I told you, these dark colours are so versatile!

Velvet Decade with eyeshadow brush

Lisa Eldridge Make Up Bag – Winter 2019

Lisa Eldridge Makeup Bag Winter 2019

Finally, I could not leave out this amazing luxurious makeup bag of this launch. It not only feels luxurious; it is luxurious. It is plush and it has an amazing cherry colour. Again velvet, to match the velvet texture of the lipsticks.

Have you tried any Lisa Eldridge true velvet lipsticks? Which one did you like the best?
xo, Helen


  • Tina T.

    Hey Blossomful! I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome reviews, particularly this one. I found your blog because I was looking for reviews/swatches of Lisa’s old lipsticks for her new launch (you were page 2 on Google, great job on SEO.) This is the best review blog I saw of Lisa’s products. Great and very color-accurate photos, and extremely intelligent/thoughtful reviews.

    Do you have an instagram that I can follow? I hope you still do reviews!

    p.s. I’m also a woman in tech, I saw you mention that in one of your blog posts!

    <3 Tina

    • Helen

      Thank you for your comment! I am juggling a lot of things all the time. However, I still do reviews and I hope to post more regularly this year! I will inform you about an Instagram account as soon as I have one ready for the blog.
      xo, Helen

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