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The SUQQU Cheek Brush

In the beauty world, there is a legend that says there is a blush brush so soft, that it is like a kitten’s tail caressing your face, and you will not want to use any other blush brush again. Is the legend true? I’ll tell you in a minute… Welcome to the review of the Suqqu Cheek Brush.

SUQQU Cheek Brush

The Shape

The SUQQU Cheek Brush is a small blush brush. It is a bit smaller than Chikuhodo’s Z4, but on the same ‘order of magnitude’. It has an oval top view, as the ferrule is a little pinched. Below you can see how it looks in front and sideways.

The Make

SUQQU is a Japanese makeup brand, with high-quality makeup products. Their brushes are also made in Japan, handcrafted by artisans. The hairs are gray squirrel (which is the softest natural kind of hairs), and the ferrule is a black plastic, very lightweight.

SUQQU Cheek Brush

Overall Opinion

Due to the fact that the brush is petite with long soft hairs, it moves very nicely on the cheeks. In other words, I would say it is very flexible, and because it is on the small side, it gives you more control on blush placement. Why I think it is perfect as is:

  • If it were larger, with the same hair length, it wouldn’t be so easy to control exactly where you want your blush to be. You would end up blushed in a larger area than you would want.
  • If the hairs were longer, the application would be sheerer, and the bristles would slide more on various directions. Again, the area covered in one swipe would be enlarged and therefore more difficult to control.
  • If it was denser, it wouldn’t be so easy to build up the colour while blending at the same time. As it is now, it picks up a small amount of product, you place it there where you want, and then blend into your skin.

Moreover, because of the softness, it blends the powder into the skin more seamlessly and pleasantly. I think it is quite important if you enjoy the process of putting makeup on, to have nice things touching your face and to like them. Now, of course, there had to be a downside, which is the price. It is the most expensive makeup brush I own, and I ever will, I guess. However, I do not regret buying it. I do regret spending my money on other older cheaper brushes. The cost of cheap brushes can add up through the years, and I would rather not have spent let’s say 100 euros on 10 brushes, and have bought this one instead. So there, you have it…Is the legend true? For me, it is. For you? You decide!

Let me know what your favourite makeup brushes are and what you would like me to review next!



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