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    Review of my R├Ęphr Brushes

    Welcome to my blog. Today I am going to share with you a review of my Rephr brushes. Rephr is a brand that has recently entered the makeup world. I got to know it mainly from the fabulous Michele Wang and Hung Vanngo‘s amazing tutorials. Their core value as a company is that they use customer input in order to offer high-quality products, so feedback is super important to them. They launched their first makeup brushes in 2019 via crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. The Rephr brushes have a nice minimal design, they are made in Kumano, Japan and are at a good price point. Even though they are not the softest…

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    The SUQQU Cheek Brush

    In the beauty world, there is a legend that says there is a blush brush so soft, that it is like a kitten’s tail caressing your face, and you will not want to use any other blush brush again. Is the legend true? I’ll tell you in a minute… Welcome to the review of the Suqqu Cheek Brush. The Shape The SUQQU Cheek Brush is a small blush brush. It is a bit smaller than Chikuhodo’s Z4, but on the same ‘order of magnitude’. It has an oval top view, as the ferrule is a little pinched. Below you can see how it looks in front and sideways. The Make…