• Colourful Mascaras
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    The Colourful Mascaras Edit

    With so many colourful eyeshadows, various textures and formulas, we often forget how to spice up our makeup in well known but forgotten ways. Using colourful mascaras is not only an easy and quick way,  but also an original one. We have been so used to trying various tones of eyeshadows and lipsticks, that we have forgotten the colours in other makeup products such as mascaras and eyeliners. But why are they a fab way to add colour to your makeup?   Swiftness The 3-minute makeup challenge for me consists of applying my concealer in the areas I need it and then mascara. Why not use a colourful one? Within…

  • Summer Makeup
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    My top summer beauty bits

    Hooray! It’s officially summer! I gathered my top summer beauty bits for this season, that I hope I’ll make the most use out of. I am so excited for warm weather (even if that translates into hot weather, with me fanning my face until I get to the next air-conditioned area, haha!) and I am particularly excited for this summer because of the beauty trends! Glass skin, sun-kissed, bronzed faces, vibrant colours! Glowy skin In the summer I tend to sweat a lot, so I am not particularly fond of heavy foundations. I just want my skin to breathe and be able to swipe my sweat without worrying about makeup.…