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    How to find your perfect perfume

    How many times have you bought a perfume just to discover you don’t like it, and later passed it onto a family member? Been there, done that, and learnt my lessons (even though the family member is still very pleased with it). So, today I am going to talk about how to find your perfect perfume.       Why is it so hard to choose a perfume?   Buying based on reviews only. Seeing a famous perfume on sale and saying “I’m buying it!” without ever having smelt it, is not the way to go. Unlike eyeshadows and lipsticks where you can see swatches online, you have to smell…

  • Chloe mini
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    An ode to mini perfumes

    Hello there! I thought it would be a good idea to talk to you about my love for the mini versions of perfumes and perfume samples. I just love getting perfume samples or even buy them when they are included as gifts in fashion magazines (I actually justify these purchases as buying the sample and the magazine is just a free bonus!) . Why should you love them too? You save money Receiving samples and buying mini-versions is actually for me the safest way of getting to know the perfume market, when you are in a hunt for a new fragrance. You can get mini perfumes either as free samples…