poshe top coat

My all-time favourite nail polish top coat :: Poshé Top Coat

Hello there and say hello to an unsung hero of top coats! It is the Poshé super-fast drying top coat. I wanted to make a whole post dedicated to it because I don’t think that the beauty community has praised it enough. It is indeed super-fast drying, you can apply it even if the previous nail polish layer is not 100% dry.

poshe top coat

Why it is my favourite

  • It starts drying right after I finish applying it (you have to be a bit quick with it, not crazy quick, but if you start taking your time to apply it, it will start setting before you finish)
  • Consequently, you can do stuff right after 1 min of applying your top coat. No more waiting 15 min doing nothing or getting nail polish on your furniture in case you couldn’t wait.
  • The finished product are nice shiny nails.
  • Poshé top coat makes nail polish all-together last longer.
  • Since using it, I paint my nails much more regularly because it makes the procedure hassle-free.
  • It is a great value for money, because it is a quality top coat, and you get 14mL of product which justifies the price.

poshe top coat

Any cons?

Well yes, I wish it was more widely available in Europe! I also wish it was available in the same price as in the US. Now, you can only find it on Amazon . If you happen to know any other e-shops that stock it in Europe, please comment below!

What is your favourite top coat?

xo, Helen

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