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Travel Diaries :: Kythera

Before settling in well in autumn, I would like to do a post regarding my latest holidays on Kythera island. It is a beautiful island in Greece, which belongs to the group of Eptanisa islands. I really loved the place, and I am going to show you some of my favourite pictures.

Charming Details

I love how many corners in the villages of the island were so nicely painted and decorated. It’s the details that make the difference. When I look at them I can understand that someone put an effort in making things beautiful, because they like beauty.

Gate Kythera

Chora Kythera Flower Chairs

Kythera Chora Doors


Kythera is an island that combines both beautiful seaside places and landscapes. It has so many natural beauties! The sea, waterfalls, mountains, landscapes all pure and picturesque.

Kythera Diakofti

^^ Diakofti Village

Kythera Waterfalls

^^ Waterfalls of  Fonissa (Unfortunately this year were out of waters, due to decreased rainfalls in the winter)

^ Evening Lights on the mountains

Archaeological Places

There are many interesting places to visit in Kythera. At Palaiochora, where you can see remains of a castle built around 12th century, Byzantine times, as well as the castle of Chora, which was built around 13th century. There are more castles on the island, but we only had the time to visit those two.

^^ Palaiochora, Kythera

Chora Kyhera Castle by night

Food and Drink

Food was amazing! If I posted a photo for every delicious plate I ate, this post would be food-only! haha! The drinks were also lovely, and they are great to drink when you have such amazing views, to dim-light villages, castle, and night sky full of stars above you.

Kythera Coctails

^^ Great drinks just outside Chora, Kythera

Kythera Food

^^ Food at Avlemonas village. It is a great opportunity to eat fish and sea food in general!


If you were allowed to do only one activity when you go to Kythera, then definitely, choose swimming in its beautiful seas. The beaches are amazing! Blue, green, crystal clear waters, with alluring scenery surrounding the beaches make you feel peaceful and happy! It is strange how much some places lift up our moods! They are perfect for relaxing and recharging your batteries!

Avlemonas Kythera

^^ Avlemonas. This was a very unusual but beautiful beach! It had a tropical note to it, because of the palm trees surrounding it.

Kapsali Kythera

^^ Kapsali. You can enjoy swimming with the view of the castle!

Chalkos Kythera

^^ Chalkos Beach. The waters were aah!

Kythera Melidoni

^^Melidoni Beach. It was worth the rocky road that leads to it, it is a stunning beach! The photo doesn’t do it justice!

^^ At Kaladi beach

I hoped I took you travelling with me today, and that through your screen you had the chance to soak into the sunlight and beauty of Kythera!

xo, Helen

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