Consuming Digital Content Pt 2 :: Enjoying

Welcome to part 2 of my Consuming Digital Content series. You can find the first part here. Let’s go on on part 2! People love efficiency, doing more stuff, with less effort and less time is a pretty good idea, right? However, when it comes to recreation, when you read something for your pleasure, there is no need to be in a rush!

Instant digital content consumption

I so often found myself scrolling infinitely through my Instagram feed, but it felt as if I was under the pressure of a deadline to “finish” watching new images. After realising what was happening, I uninstalled Instagram, in order to break this bad habit of mine. Now, I only sign in through my laptop, in order to see what some of my favourite people are up to. I freed a lot of my time during the day and pressure to be a follower who never misses anything. Internet is great, influencers are great, but at the end of the day, I have a life to live and I need time and brain power to live it and not only get inspiration for it.


Not everything is quick and easy in life

Another point that Esther pointed out in her fab podcast, is that instant consumption makes us think that everything in life is instant and easy. Just at the tips of our fingers. No, not everything in life is easy, you have to work very hard to reach some of your goals, and you might fail several times before you actually do. You have to train yourself to endure some unpleasant stuff in order to get there where your heart desires. If you want to become a doctor, you have to study hard, and sit a lot of exams. Do you want to learn to drive? You have to get comfortable being alert all the time and calculating distances and velocities through mirrors. If you want to have a great body, you have to shed some sweat. There is always a price to pay.

Not everything is double-tap and scroll. You have to get comfortable at being uncomfortable, and that is something social media avoid at all costs. They do not want to have tedious procedures for their users. They want easy and instant interaction with them. Just be aware of that, and the fact that you have to do your thing, and find a balance: to which point does it serve you to follow blogs and get inspired?

violet flowers

Take your time to enjoy!

Instead of stressing out about watching all of your videos subscriptions, and reading all of your Instagram, or Bloglovin feed, take your time to read only a few. It does not actually matter to read all of them. Remember why you started reading blogs and following people. You do not have to be there every day and hour in order not to miss a thing! Maybe you could read your feed once a week, or whenever you look for something. Or, you can opt for less content and unsubscribe from blogs and channels that you find that they don’t serve you anymore. You can choose to follow less people and be more active as a reader by leaving comments and communicating. There is no rush, no pressure, no hard feelings by anyone. Find your sweet spot of following and that is it.

Why is this better? Well, suppose you were watching a movie on Netflix. You could fast forward, watch a few scenes and find out what the plot is about, including the ending. However, it would take all the fun of watching a movie out! Similarly, if you only sample only a few lines of each post you read because you are in a hurry, you are not actually enjoying. Therefore, take your time, enjoy, there is no one running after you!


What are your experiences on this matter? Do you feel you are in a rush when reading blogs?

xo, Helen


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