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An ode to mini perfumes

Hello there! I thought it would be a good idea to talk to you about my love for the mini versions of perfumes and perfume samples. I just love getting perfume samples or even buy them when they are included as gifts in fashion magazines (I actually justify these purchases as buying the sample and the magazine is just a free bonus!) . Why should you love them too?

Mini Perfumes

You save money

Receiving samples and buying mini-versions is actually for me the safest way of getting to know the perfume market, when you are in a hunt for a new fragrance. You can get mini perfumes either as free samples or by choosing to buy the smallest bottles of the perfumes you want to try, for a fraction of the price. This way you save money because you are not buying large quantities of perfumes you don’t like and therefore won’t use. Although you can read a hundred reviews about a perfume from your favourite bloggers, bear in mind that people are very particular when it comes to fragrances. One person’s dream perfume might be unappealing to another person. So, unless Google really invents the online smell transmitter, you’d better save your pennies and play it safe by requesting samples, and buying the mini versions first! No more unused perfumes, thumbs up!


They let you be adventurous

If it wasn’t for a sample, I wouldn’t have discovered my all-time favourite perfume, The Beat by Burberry. I wasn’t looking for a perfume back when I happened to sniff it, but as soon as I did, I fell in love. It was the absolutely perfect scent for me. Initially, I wore it so much that my nose got used to it, and I couldn’t enjoy it throughout the day. So, I had to find other perfumes that I liked enough, to wear on rotation. Guess what? The other perfumes I wear, I got to know them by spritzing on me some free samples I had gotten with a purchase. I wouldn’t have thought to try them on in a shop, it was just the mere fact that I had a free sample that I tried them.

Lancome mini

They are excellent for travelling

It goes without saying that there are size restrictions when it comes to travelling. This is especially strict for liquids on airplanes. So, when you want to bring your whole skincare routine in mini sizes, save your space, and use samples! The perfume you need for five days is really a small amount, it’s not worth bringing even your 30ml with you in your trip. Even if you don’t travel by airplane, who wants to carry heavy luggage, really? Cutting down on the unnecessary weight of perfume bottles is a great idea, plus a very good excuse to your partner why you can bring the extra pair of shoes you “really” need!

Mini perfumes are darn cute!

Just look at those miniatures! You can hold a mini bottle perfectly with two fingers and fiddle with it! But even letting it sit on my vanity just makes me think ‘aww!’. Perhaps I should do a miniature-perfumes collection post if I wasn’t convincing enough, let me know in the comments!

xo, Helen

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