How to make yourself feel comfortable at work

First day at your new workplace, first and foremost, congrats that you got hired! New offices, new colleagues, new managers, new area. It can be overwhelming to make yourself used to your new work environment and get comfortable at work. Here are my two cents that hopefully will make you feel a little better at your new workplace.

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Be social and open-minded

It is very important to remember that you go to a new environment with different people, who might operate in a very different way than you are used to. This does not necessarily mean worse, it simply means different. It is better to embrace this place and get to decide later what you don’t like and can improve, than rejecting it all from the beginning. This way you don’t risk rejecting the elements of your work that you truly like. Also, bear in mind that your colleagues are humans as well and you don’t have to be afraid of them. Be social, be kind, and smile.


Observe what others are doing

Be careful, I said observe, not imitate! It is very useful to observe how your colleagues behave collectively. You can get clues for your company’s culture, what is allowed or not, what is encouraged or not. For example, you might find that small frequent breaks are encouraged in order to be more productive later. In this case, you could follow this break-taking pattern, BUT do not do the exact same thing in your first days, because you do not want to give the impression of someone lazy. Rather gradually build up your behaviour to match your company’s culture and, of course, to the degree that you want.


Arrange your desk and computer as you like

You can bring your own pencil holder, pens, planners, and set up your computer as you want to. This will add a personal note to your desk which would otherwise probably be either identical or similar to every other desk in your workplace. Bear in mind that this is not universal and some companies might want to have the same “desk decor” throughout their offices. However, once you figure out the degree that you can customise your space, and do it, you will certainly feel more comfortable.


Make yourself a toilette bag

Now this sounds a bit funny, but it played a very important role back in my first days at work. I simply prepared a small bag that I keep in my drawer, that contains female hygiene products, tissues and seat covers for visiting the loo. Well, you might laugh at me now, but you spend at least 8 hours in this place, and it is important to feel comfortable enough to visit the toilet. If at some point all you can think is “I wish I was at my home’s toilet”, how would it be possible to concentrate and get stuff done, huh ?


Bring home cooked meals

Bringing with you home cooked meals will not only help you eat healthier, which is a major thumbs-up, but you will also bring something familiar and that you enjoy eating. Even if cooking is not your thing, I suggest you pay attention to your food. Eat something nutritious that will help you be productive, and something that you enjoy eating. Your environment might change and you might feel uncomfortable, but at least you will enjoy your lunch break!


xo, Helen

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